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We're a bit different here, but we hope you'll agree it's refreshingly different !

Most hosting providers will give you a ton of disk space and then charge you a fee for the amount of  traffic (bandwidth) that your website uses. That sounds good in theory until you realise that you do not have any control over this !... There's nothing to stop some idiot viewing your webpages over and over and over, all the time generating traffic that you will eventually have to pay for... Doesn't sound so good now does it...

We don't charge at all for traffic generated by your website. Now we obviously have to limit this somehow (as there's no such thing as a free lunch) so instead we limit the disk space available to you for your website. Our standard Shared Hosting allowance is 50MB of disk space on the webserver. You are of course free to purchase more than this amount if required.

We believe this method to be much fairer to you,  as you know up front what your costs will be with no surprises. There will be winners and loosers with both charging methods, for example if you have a very large website but it's not very busy, then our charging method is probably not to your advantage, but it works well for most average sized websites with good traffic volumes. Of course there are still potential limits that we all have to work to (free lunch again) and if your website is generating huge amounts of traffic then we'll probably need to have a chat about your requirements in more detail, but this tends to only be in exceptional circumstances.

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