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What is Co-location Hosting ?
Is Co-location Hosting right for me ?
What does Co-location Hosting provide ?
What about bandwidth ?
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Co-location Hosting services are available to suit a variety of needs, for example..

  • You provide the physical server. We provide the bandwidth and rack space, power, etc.
  • We provide the server (leased), bandwidth, rack space, etc
  • We sell you the server and then provide the bandwidth, rack space, etc.

Once the server is in place and connected to the internet, it is then yours to do with as you wish (as long as it's legal !). You would normally access your server remotely via tools such as VNC, PCAnywhere, Terminal Services, etc. You'll also probably want some kind of firewall application on your server to stop it being hacked into, or connect it to a hardware firewall.

We will provide 24/7 support for the Network and Data Centre facilities (power, air conditioning, etc) and will arrange for Telehouse technicians to perform reboots as necessary. All other support such as hardware and appliations are your own responsibility usless you have leased the server from us, in which case we will look after the hardware.


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